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Serola Biomechanics, Inc. is the result of research done by Dr. Rick Serola, a chiropractor. In 1988, after noticing that muscle strength increased throughout the body after sacroiliac stabilization, he began research into the underlying biomechanics. As a result, he found the need for products that were not in the marketplace, so he developed them himself.  The Serola sacroiliac belt (also known as trochanter brace, SI belt, SIJ belt, pelvic belt) is ideal for chronic back pain, low back, side pain, sciatica, pinched nerve, and hip pain. While most expecting mothers wear the Serola sacroiliac belt as a maternity support during pregnancy, others use it as a preventative device to avoid low back and hip pain caused by exercises. Serola gel arc elbow brace is strongly recommended for tennis elbow and golfer's elbow. Bowling is becoming increasingly popular - and we also highly recommend to all bowlers who suffer from lateral epicondylitis


Our goal is to educate health professionals, and the public, about the sacroiliac joint (SI joint), which is the most common cause of back, pelvic, and leg pain. Dr. Serola's breakthrough innovations in biomechanics can lead to understanding the effects of back injury and how proper treatment can be applied; to this end, he has developed unique products to help align and stabilize the spine.


Serola Biomechanics, Inc. provides valuable information regarding the sacroiliac joint, Serola theory, and related topics through its web information portals:


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